Orange Chocolate Creamed Honey - 330g

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If you love the combination of Orange and Dark Chocolate, this Creamed Honey is worth a try!

The perfect blend of sweet orange and small pieces of dark chocolate is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

When you take a bite, begin by savouring the zesty and juiciness of orange before the chocolate melts and an explosion of flavors follow.

Enjoying this combination can make your stomach and brain happy, but be prepared for your friends to try to snag some for themselves.

Best when melted slowly in your mouth, this Creamed Honey can also be spread on toast, pancakes, crêpes, bread, cakes, and buns for a tasty treat.

When adding it to beverages such as tea, coffee, hot water, and milk, the flavor is simply AMAZING.

Try drizzling it over ice cream, yogurt, or any type of fruit for a unique and delectable experience. Each 330g jar contains 100% Ontario Honey