About Us

Le Beau Bees is a young apiary. We love our bees and we love what they offer us: honey, wax, propolis… We like to organize our veg and flower gardens for pollinators.
Le Beau Bees is a young small business created in 2018 by Dominique Le Beau.
Dominique’s passion for wood work, took him to have him build from scratch his wooden ware for his hives, frames and all the rest !
He started selling honey in June 2018 at different farmers markets, shows and at his friends’ farm. Customers love his bees’ honey. He does not sell honey like other beekeepers. He started preparing the plain and cinnamon creamed honey in large and small sizes, which became his best sellers.
In 2019, he produced the flavourful Ginger Turmeric Cinnamon and the delicious Cardamom Creamed Honey. In 6 months, Le Beau Bees sold more than 2000 of them.
In 2020, he decided to try something new: the Orange Chocolate Creamed Honey! It became the new best seller. While you taste the orange, the dark chocolate chunks melt in your mouth and you get an explosion of flavours!
Recently, he decided to launch this online store for customers who are looking for our products across Ontario and Canada!

Message from Dominique Le Beau :
"I want to thank all my lovely family, friends and our precious customers for loving our products. I hope that this new online store will help you to taste, try to have fun with all our products. Thanks a lot for helping and supporting Le Beau Bees.”
Here is the picture of one of our Bees' bodyguard !
I know, she looks GRUMPY...Hahhahaha....